Board of Directors & Staff

Vince Bierworth
Vince Bierworth, Executive Director


Vince Bierworth, Executive Director

Susan Owen, Donor Relations and Marketing Coordinator

Board of Directors:

Theresa Beebe, Treasurer

Scott Cockburn, Director

Catherine Johnston, Ex-Officio

Alix Kempf, Chair

Judy Ruttle, Director

Todd Sargent, Past Chair

Meryn Steeves, Incoming Vice Chair


Ayotte Dupuis & O’Neil, Legal

Catherine Johnston, Investments (Johnston Wealth Management)

Volunteers & Committee Members

Social Distancing T-shirt Campaign

Lesley Loyst

Sarah Jane Duncan Mitchell

Clinton Smith (Imprinted Apparel)

Our 2020 Social Distancing t-shirt
Our 2020 Social Distancing T-shirt

Tebey Golf Classic

Judy Ruttle

Todd Sargent

Brian Young

Allocations Committee

Amber Brown

Alix Kempf

Bob Neville

Todd Sargent

Dr. Don Spink